OCEANROAMERS manages the European (BE) IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS non profit organization.
We are headquartered in Egypt's Ain Sokhna, where we are spearheading, marine conservation & sustainable development programs in the Red Sea. And overseeing the development of the MAERC project.
For additional information, don't hesitate to reach out to us, via our contact page.
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Twee Vandaag Documentary 2006

GJ-MeAPF2006 Expedition Leader Dr. GJ Gast and me, meeting team leaders

In 2006 I co-sponsored, and co organized the APF (African Parks Foundation), cataloging and research expedition; co-financed by the Cousteau Society. With an international team of scientists and volunteers from renowned international and local organizations.

On the 3 week (580 KM) expedition, I acted as the dive officer, overviewing marine operations, diver safety. And the OCEANROAMERS Sudan team, was organizing logistics in the background.

2 Ships, countless zodiacs, 30+ Scientists and volunteers, a total of 100+ Dives a day, 1800 pictures...

Cataloging wildlife, fauna and flora both on land and underwater, setting transects,...

The Dutch broadcaster Tros - Avro, and it's news section 'Twee Vandaag' followed us 1 week during the expedition; and came out with this great short documentary.

So thankful to my fellow volunteer Anne Tekoppele, who took the time to finish the English subtitles; so finally after 15 years this piece of history is finally understandable by the rest of the world.

Whilst I was always actively involved in non profit, marine conservation, it is during this expedition; that I realized; sitting and talking on the sidelines ill not change anything. We completely need to rethink our interactions, and are in dire need of new approaches to conservation. Fast forward to today, I am poised to depart to Sudan (through Egypt) 10 days from now. Putting into motion the plans I devised to sustainably develop, and protect the Red Sea Shores of the Sudan, to the benefit of the it's coastal communities.

More on the upcoming projects in Sudan, check #OPREDSEA21

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SMA Resorts Sudan, to sponsor #OPREDSEA21
Project Update #OPREDSEA21

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